Technologies for a sustainable Future

Optimization of Methodologies, Water Consumption and Hygiene

Our philosophy

Drive impactful innovations while considering economic perspectives

TWO GmbH supports companies and organizations developing sustainable products and solutions by using new technologies which are reducing water consumption or improve security/hygiene issues.

The objective is to meet ecological, economic and social challenges and to set new standards with innovative and groundbreaking improvements.

The Team

The founders Armin Ruehle, Michael Gedon and Wolfgang Tittmar are actively driving all activities of TWO GmbH.

Armin is the creative technician/inventor and head of design. In addition to his technical affinity, he brings with him years of entrepreneurial experience from a wide variety of engagements.

Armin Rühle

As an experienced business angel, entrepreneur and with his well-founded experience from various management positions, Michael is responsible for all sales activities and contracts.

Michael Gedon


Wolfgang, formerly owner of a successful B2B agency, knows all instruments of high tech marketing. He heads all communication, is responsible for PR and Social Media.

Wolfgang Tittmar

The latest TWO project now online!

Germ-free Toilet Hygiene

Using a sophisticated new toilet technology, the TWO GmbH-driven project ²Toilet ensures a unified, germ-free hygiene standard in non-private toilet facilities. But that’s not all: the new toilet ²Toilet consumes around 80% less water than commercial toilets thanks to a new type of flushing technology.

The patent pending, fully automatic self-cleaning toilet works with two toilet seats in a „carousel“ set-up: While one seat is used, the other one is cleaned and disinfected in the back using high-pressure spray nozzles. For the next user, the back wall rotates 180 degrees and the freshly cleaned seat is placed on the also cleaned toilet bowl. Bowl cleaning and flushing are just as revolutionary: the automatically sealed toilet bowl is also cleaned by high pressure jet and by a sophisticated differential pressure method, in facilitates the collected seat cleaning wastewater, flushing only needs less than 2 liters of water – that’s 77% less than traditional toilets. Due to the closed bowl, germs, bacteria and odors can not escape into the room air when rinsing, water splashes are completely avoided. Visit to find out more about this amazing project.. ²Toilet Project website

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